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Every Wednesday I will be sharing some sort of alcoholic concoction with you. To start it off, I will be sharing the greatest hangover cure ever, more alcohol!

I’ve always found that the morning after a big night of drinking, the best thing to wake you up and get rid of that nasty headache is to indulge in a little bit of morning booze. Add that to some coffee and you are a smooth sailing for the rest of the day.

This treat takes some prep time, but is perfect for the summer. Especially if you are a teacher and have to deal with rotten high school kids that day, a little day drinking never hurt anyone, right?


coffee ice cubes- between 10 and 15 cubes

A blender

Baileys (Or something similar)

The first step is to make a pot of coffee the night before. Wait for the coffee to cool and then make ice cubes out of the coffee. Let these freeze overnight so you can be sure that they are completely frozen for the morning.

Coffee Cubes

Now you can put the cubes (as many as you think are necessary for you or how ever many people you are making it for. I found that 10-15 work best for 2 people) in the blender.

Here comes the fun part. Add in enough Baileys to reach the top of the coffee cubes. And take a swig of it. Just because you can. The noise of the blender may be too much for your hangover, so getting in on the buzz quicker will make it more enjoyable. And Baileys is delicious.

Blend until smooth and devoid of ice chunks. Since the ice cubes are made of coffee, getting a chunk of that is going to taste pretty bad. Unless you like black, unsweetened coffee. Which I don’t.

Depending on the kind of alcohol you use or your own personal tastes, you can add flavor of any kind to this. Sometimes chocolate syrup can go a long way, or caramel, french vanilla, whatever! Experiment with it, find out what you like.

This is also cost effective, because you are making the coffee yourself, you can get a bunch of flavorings at any dollar store, and you can splurge on the booze, which, lets face it, if you’re smart you do that anyway!

Enjoy! Responsibly.

-The self proclaimed Kitchen Queen