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I’m very Irish. So it may come as a surprise to all of you that I really like to drink. No? No one is surprised? Yeah, some stereotypes are true, and that just happens to be one of them. My favorite alcoholic beverage to partake in is whiskey. Bushmills is my favorite brand. It’s Ireland’s oldest whiskey and it is so good. It’s also not that expensive but only comes in one size, so no handles of this one. My St. Paddy’s just got a little darker.

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Bushmills has these great subtle flavors or almond and cherry. At least they do to me, and even though most of you don’t know me, I’m pretty much the expert. Now what I like to do is get a big ole glass of Bushmills and add a tiny bit of grenadine and a small spoonful of almond liquor and a drop of water to help bring out the flavors more. DO NOT CHILL THIS! It’s way better room temperature.

Have fun and Enjoy!

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