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Yesterday I made cheeseburgers and thought about spicing them up. I wondered what they would taste like with that steak sauce I made.

As the burgers were cooking I added the steak sauce ingredients to the pan. I put the red wine, A1, Old Bay, chicken spice, salt, and pepper right into the pant with the burgers. I got a spoon and stirred it all around, picking up the burgers to get the sauce under them, and just let the magic work on its own.

They ended up tasting a bit like cheesy meatballs, but mostly it was a nice seasoned, juicy burger.

This isn’t a Tuesday post because it wasn’t something new. This was more of a tips and tricks type deal to show you that you can not only experiment with flavors, but with what foods you put those flavors on. I tend to cook on a whim, deciding as I’m cooking what I want to do with it. And I like drinking red wine.

Okay! So actually this dish came about because I was drinking wine from the bottle while cooking and grease bubbled up and hit my arm, making me flinch and spill some wine into the pan, panicked, then made the best out of the situation by recreating my steak sauce. You got me, I’m a dumb-ass who probably shouldn’t be near hot things like stoves, but whatever. I got a yummy meal out of it.